Larry the Tree Guy

General pricing information

   Trees are like fingerprints no two are the same. Things such as sunlight, wind, water, and the condition of the soil all affect the way trees grow. The growth patterns and sizes of trees each being different require a wide range of possible cost. 

 We want to give you an approximate idea so you can look at your trees with a general idea of cost. Each project is quoted, based on the danger to property or the workers' welfare.


Approximate 2 feet in circumference:     Trimming approximately $200

Approximate larger than 2 feet                 Trimming from $200 to $900

Site cleanup and removal                            $50 to$150 and up

Approximate 35 by 40 feet:                                                           

Tree Extraction                                            $200 and up

Cut Firewood                                               1 Cord $50

                                                                       1 Rail $300

Hedges Bushes 10 ft by 10 feet                $80 to $100  

Various Landscaping Work quoted per project

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